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Investing In Indian Infrastructure

I have been a vociferous critic of India's infrastructure story. I don't deny that India has a chronic deficit of infrastructure and that investing in Indian infrastructure should be a lucrative opportunity. However, my concern has been with the manner in which investors got carried away by the Indian infrastructure story and with the financial shenanigans committed by India's so called infrastructure companies. More...

VALUEx India On 3rd November In Mumbai

The second VALUEx India will be held in Mumbai on 3rd November.

VALUEx is a unique concept in the world of investment conferences. It is not sponsored by anyone and is not for profit so it does not have a commercial agenda. It is based on principles of TED conferences - ideas worth spreading and peer to peer learning.

India is a paradise for value investors. It has a few thousand listed companies that represent almost all sectors of the economy. Company owners and managers understand the concept of minority equity ownership and the country has a well developed institutional and retail investor base. India is also a uniquely high growth market with a population of 1.2 billion, half of which is under the age of 25. More...

Size Of Opportunity Matters

Indian infrastructure company GVK Power & Infra recently received approval from the Australian government for a USD 10 billion investment in a coal block in Northern Queensland. Earlier this year Vale of Brazil launched its first megaship, called Valemax , with the capacity to carry 350,000 tonnes of iron ore to China.

There is such a thing as too big or too much for a market and almost every market has that threshold. As small participants in large and liquid global financial markets we often tend to forget this fact. More...