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Optimists Will Inhert The Earth

Pessimism is the order of the day. It appears that the proliferation of media and news sources (online as well as offline) has fueled the fire of pessimism. The old adage that no news is good news has a corollary that all news is bad news.

I agree that things are quite bad in most places in the world – economically, socially and politically. I also agree that from the depth of this hollow the outlook is bleak and one cannot fathom how things will ever get better again. However, one thing of which I, and my fellow optimists, are certain is that things will get better. Change is the only constant in the universe and everything is impermanent. More...

Vipassana meditation changed my life

A dear friend recently read in my bio that I practice Vipassana meditation and wanted to know more about it. I tried to explain to him what Vipassana is all about. I thought it might be of use to others who are interested in finding out about Vipassana as well:

Just like we need to keep the body healthy, we need to keep the mind healthy. Because the mind is abstract, we don’t realize that it is unfit/lethargic/obese etc. Just like we need to expend more than we take in to prevent the body from storing up unwanted stuff, we need to keep the mind clear of defilements. What are they? More...