About Us

Atyant Capital was founded in 2005 by Rahul Saraogi, Pratik Sharma and Vedant Mimani. Vedant Mimani parted ways with the firm in 2013 and in April 2017 Pratik Sharma also departed from Atyant. The firm currently has one principal, Rahul Saraogi.

Atyant Capital was founded during the heyday of India's previous bull market, although for our India Portfolio Investment Strategy, we consider it the "end" of the previous bull market. Over the past decade, Atyant Capital has remained resilient, showing both high growth and performance for our investors.

At the beginning, we started Atyant Capital based on our previous track-record that was based on our unique approach and philosophy. Since opening our doors, we’ve further developed our strategy by learning the asset management business and how it interplays with our investing approach.

We pride ourselves on building Atyant Capital into a learning machine. We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to become better investors (and better human beings) while sticking to our core investment philosophy and India FPI approach.

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